TW Steel Customer Care FAQ's

What is the warranty period for TW Steel timepieces?

All new TW Steel timepieces have a 2 year warranty. Warranties on the services provided by the official TW Steel Service Centre extend one year.

Why should I buy a TW Steel from an authorised dealer?

The guarentee of a TW Steel watch is ONLY VALID if the watch is purchased from an authorised dealer .

What should I look for on the guarantee card?

Please look to see that the stamp on the guarantee card matches the receipt you have received for your TW Steel purchase.

Are online warranty's different to the TW Steel UK warranty?

Customers should always check to see that the warranty offered for an online sale matches that of TW Steel UK. If it's not equal to the TW Steel warranty - you must consider the dealer / online retailer to be an unauthorised retailer and therefore the TW Steel warranty is immediately voided.

What is a 'movement service' and why does my timepiece need one?

Over time, lubrication in the movement dries, causing dirt or other impurities to adversely affect the movement's operation. A movement service is designed to clean and replace worn parts and oil. Additionally, the movement will be adjusted and regulated as well as sealed and water-tested.

Conducting maintenance every three years is recommended to keep your timepiece functioning at its best.

What is the level of water resistance for my timepiece?

It depends on the timepiece. Water resistance information is found on the case back of most timepieces.

Which water activities are allowed while wearing my watch?

Here is a list of what you can and cannot do with your watch in respect of water resistance. The ATM (atmosphere) measure is engraved on the back of each TW Steel model.

Resistance (ATM) Allowed

1-2 Washing hands, rain
3 Showering, washing car
5 Swimming
10 Diving
20 Scuba diving
** not recommended: sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi
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